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Post by lundqua on Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:57 pm

Game Play
Assassins find and kill their "targets" by pinching them on their wenis (flap over the elbow). Once the mark has been eliminated the assassin gets their targets mark and tries to find them. Game Continues till an assassin kills the person who has their name or time runs out.

ALL GovSchool 2009 rules apply (Your kill won't count if you are not wearing shoes or don't have a button!)
No kill is legit without the required indicator or identifier (See below)
A person may not be killed in a SAFE ZONE (see below)
Any assassin seen doing a headless chicken sprint thru the Ferg will be smote (No running in the Ferg)

Quirks that identify someone as a killer
Week one = 1 dot on the button in the colors red, blue, yellow or green

Safe Zones
No terminations may occur at the following locations:
Performance Events
Class Rooms
Practice & study lounges (Must have an instrument or required reading)

The rulings of the all powerful and all knowing Ginga-Ninja are final and not necessarily presidents for other problems (A Sharp sword does not always fall in your favor. AKA Life's not fair)

This is a friendly game, so fight with honor. (Don't assault your hapless victim, remember you were a noob too once).

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