Any DnD players here?

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Any DnD players here? Empty Any DnD players here?

Post by Username on Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:26 am

In a camp of 500+ nerds, there have to be at least a few of us that play Dungeons and Dragons. And with this many smart people and actors hanging around, games would probably be epic.

For People Who Already Play:

First of all, we need to figure out what version we're playing. I personally prefer 4th edition, but I have the Player's Handbook and DM's Guide for both that and 3.5, so we're equipped for either.

Secondarily, we need to figure out what other stuff we can collectively scrape together. All we really need is some pencils, paper, and dice but it'd be better if we could get some minis and an actual battle grid. I have roughly two sets of dice and some makeshift but epic versions of the last two, but if someone has official stuff that might be better.

Or, put more organized-ly:

Things I have:
3.5e Player's Handbook and DMG
4e Player's Handbook and DMG
A few dice.
Some makeshift minis.

Other things we pretty much need:
Monster Manual for whatever edition we end up playing.
More dice.

Other things that would be nice to have:
More Player's Handbooks of whatever edition (for teaching rules/reference)
Official battle grid
Official minis.

So basically, post if you'd be interested and what you can bring, if anything.

Don't know what DnD is?

Well, it's kind of hard to explain. It's not something you really have a mental schema for, to use the psychological term, but it's a heck of a lot of fun. Think of it like this:

You and the other people playing each have characters. You each get to pick your abilities, your equipment, your personality, and so forth. You run around killing orcs, getting more powerful, and generally saving the world.

The weird part is that, rather than just being a board game or a computer game, it's a...well...again, this is the weird part. You determine what your character does by what you say. If you say, "I tell the king, 'I demand muffins, nao1!!!1!' to the king, you may very well get some muffins (or executed, but whatever). And as for how the outcome of your actions is determined, there's one player who is the "Game Master," and (s)he is the one who decides/adjudicates this.

Basically, the GM says what's going on (ie, "You wake up on what you quickly determine to be the bank of a surging river. You have no recollection of why you might be here, or even who you are"), the players say what their characters do (ie, "I look around for any sort of wreckage from a boat."), and the DM says what happens (ie, "You find a large quantity of boards scattered all around; one of them has the inscription "S.S. Inquisitor.").

Again, it's sort of an odd thing, but not one person I've ever taught, or even showed it to, hasn't liked it. It's part storytelling, part video game (your character gets more powerful as you fight and do other cool things, and the combat system is more sophisticated and realistic than almost any video game), and part doing whatever you want (If you want your character to commission a house made of ham sandwiches, by golly, (s)he can commission a house made of ham sandwiches).

So basically, if you like:
Strategy games (combat can be very strategic if you want)
RPG video/computer games
Thinking (puzzles, mysteries, character optimizing)
Pretty much anything.

You'd probably like DnD.


On an unrelated note, DnD is NOT a game for 40 year olds living in their mom's basements. The vast majority of DnD players are just normal human beings who appreciate this as an epic hobby. No one worships satan, no one tries to cast black magic, and no one even wears random costumes when they play. Any bad reputation the game has as far as the occult originates from the fact that an early ruleset required characters to have an in-game deity they followed. That's it. Further, this is by no means an obscure pastime. The 4th edition player's rule book was's #14 best seller for months, and prior editions were much the same. Not completely mainstream by any means, but still something millions and millions of people around the world are familiar with.

So: if you're interested at all in learning or playing, post away.


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Any DnD players here? Empty Re: Any DnD players here?

Post by I`m_Ron_Burgundy? on Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:43 am

I've played 4th edition a couple times. I don't have any stuff, but I'll play.

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Any DnD players here? Empty Re: Any DnD players here?

Post by angelofmusic208 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:57 pm

I've never played but some of my friends do and Im willing to learn if you can teach me and put up with a very slow learner Razz

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Any DnD players here? Empty Re: Any DnD players here?

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