Things to Bring: "Get a Move On" interdisciplinary class

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Things to Bring: "Get a Move On" interdisciplinary class

Post by sjohnso3 on Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:29 am

The instructors for the interdisciplinary class, "Get a Move On," requested that students enrolled in the class bring some items with them for the course. This list was overlooked when the last mailing went out. Thus, I emailed the information to everybody and am posting it here, too.

To bring:

  1. Your enthusiasm and
  2. A digital camera
  3. Cables or whatever is necessary to download those images onto a university computer
  4. A journal

If you don't have a digital camera to bring, no worries. This is simply a request to bring one if you have one available. The Governor's School has a few we loan out for class projects, but just not one for every student in the class!

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