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Post by sjohnso3 on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:09 pm

Course assignments are done and I'm working hard to get them printed out and mailed today. Look for them in the mail Monday.

I tried to give everybody at least one of their first choices for something, IF the forms were turned in on time. I think I succeeded, but no promises. I also tried to stay away from 4th choices for interdisciplinary classes but had to go there for a couple of people, usually because of instructor conflicts and/or really popular classes.

Because of the small sizes of the seminars, and that a couple of them really drew lots of numbers, I did have to go lower down on folks' lists more often. Still, no 6th choices and only a handful of 5th choices! I'm pretty excited about that.

All the humanities students got either their first or second choice for their core class. I think the same is true for the theatre rotations (though you only had 3 choices to start with.)

In music, everyone is put into their first choice for the musicianship class automatically - the second choice indication is more to help the faculty teaching intermediate to know if you are borderline advanced or not. (Students don't typically put introductory as their first choice and then advanced as their second choice....)

I do have a couple of folks whose course selections are still outstanding - no guarantees for those folks. (I emailed them, so if you haven't heard from me, you are probably safe.)

Better get back to my envelope stuffing!

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